Available Programs
  • Training for Concealed Firearm Permit approved by the State of Louisiana
  • Classroom Training for Security Officer approved by the Louisiana Board of Private Security Examiners (16 hours)
  • Firearms Training approved by the Louisiana Board of Private Security Examiners
  • Firearms Training approved by the G.S.A. Federal Protective Service 
  • G.S.A. Contract  Guard Training
  • PR-24 Baton Training
  • Expandable Baton Training
  • On Site Security Assessment Needs
  • Public Relations Program
  • Sensitivity Training
  • 42 Ways of How Not To Be A Victim
  • Self-Defense
  • Advanced I Shooting
  • Advanced II Shooting
  • 12 Gauge Shot Gun Training
  • Handcuffing
  • Report Writing
  • Retail Security Article 215
  • Officers Safety and Awareness
  • Terrorism/Anti-Terrorism
  • Supervision
  • Diffusing Aggressive Behavior (Verbal Judo)
  • Police Officers Standard Training for Retired Police Officers (P.O.S.T. Firearms Training)
  • Additional programs are designed to meet the needs of an individual company or personal needs

Valid Driver's License or State ID Required for Training

Revolvers, holsters, ammunition, and belts are provided for training at no additional cost.

Approved Weapons Training: 

38 Revolver
357 Revolver
9mm Semi Automatic 
40 Caliber Semi Automatic
45 Caliber Semi Automatic
12 Gauge Shotgun 

Professional Security Training, Inc.